Top to Bottom Townhouse Design


This newly retired couple was ready to shed the maintenance of the large family home, but not shed their love of an eclectic mix of antiques and modern for new construction boring.

Their love of bold color and dramatic style transforms the fresh canvas of builder-white walls and lines in this large, new construction townhouse. Seen in a green living room, strong charcoal gray in the gentleman’s study, and a daring red in the powder room. We also brought this to life through antique furniture pieces with very contemporary fabrics. We incorporated a family heirloom of their grandmother’s chair, revitalizing it with a stunning, bold and elegant green moray velvet fabric.

Furnishings, new and old, express their personal style throughout all the levels. The use of color creates unique spaces and enjoyment. The finished lower-level is used as a family room, and their large library of books and accessories is housed in this custom-designed wall unit, spanning 28 feet. To create dimension and architectural interest, we placed the desk in the center, and staggered the crown molding heights and insets that undulate, breaking up the room into visually interesting sections.

It is amazing what is possible. Let’s have a conversation about your home and the space you’d like to transform. We look forward to speaking with you.