Room To Breathe



This one-bedroom condo with a view of the Charles River was high on views, but short on kitchen comfort or style. This 90 sq. ft. outdated corner room was tight, cramped and hidden with an accordion door. Feeling tight for one person, it didn’t inspire cooking or entertaining, not yet.

The transformation is nothing short of dramatic. Re-thinking the footprint, we extended the kitchen elements into the living area, connecting the living and kitchen rooms and creating one expansive welcoming feel. The room now felt spacious, clean, crisp, contemporary, and bright.
Once cramped for one, now is big enough to function for many.

New urban-chic finishes of textural tile, high-gloss and rich dark cabinetry, modern lighting, and new flooring shift the atmosphere in this home from tired to fresh. So much so, we went on to remodel the bathroom and bedroom as well.


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