Dark and Dated Meets Dramatic



It is possible to have a very contemporary aesthetic work inside a suburban colonial home? With careful planning, you can create the spaces you love, that work for both adults and kids, without compromising your style.

This transformation won top awards in the interior design industry. Re-imagining the experience led to a renovation of the kitchen, eating areas, family room, mud room, and powder room on the main floor while connecting visually to the great backyard.

A very open, modern kitchen design with stunning materials and textures and an ultra-sleek master bathroom replace the builder grade finishes, featuring more windows and sleek materials. The glamorous new powder room design makes a statement with color and texture. It is bold and sexy, and the dramatic details are carefully placed high above the reach of little hands.


It is amazing what is possible. Let’s have a conversation about your home and the space you’d like to transform. We look forward to speaking with you.